The floor area is 18,000 square meters. There are about 200 employees. The total investment is about ¥250 million

The company takes "customer satisfaction" as tenet and "continuous improvement" as objective. It strives to strengthen quality management

Subsidiaries: Nanjing Jinqi Chemical Group Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Jinqi Polyurethane Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Haitaike Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., Nanjing Yipin Pigment Co., Ltd., and etc.

"Jinqi" products enjoy favorable reputation in domestic market and they are highly trusted and praised by clients. There are about 200 employees

Here are dozens of polyurethane products which are widely used in foamed plastic, elastomer, coating, adhesive, sealant, paving material, and other fields

Based on strong technical force and close cooperation relations with colleges, universities and research institutes, the company is capable of researching and developing products according to the needs of clients

We strive to promote the development of polyurethane industry with excellent products and considerate services.

We strive to offer the clients more and better products by fully playing production and technological advantages.

It is a private enterprise that specializes in producing polyether polyol and polyurethane sizing materials, polyurethane waterproofing paints, and various types of water-proofing, leaking stoppage, sealing, and injecting paste materials and in various raw and auxiliary chemical materials.

1. Product diversification:
Main products are polyurethane intermediates (such as various types of polyether polyols, polymer polyols, integral polyurethane materials, polyurethane pavement materials, polyurethane sealing agent, etc.), surfactants (such as alkyl polyglucoside APG, propylene glycol polyether, alkylphenol ether, fatty alcohol polyether, emulsifier, defoamer, foam stabilizer, and etc.)...
2. Product stability:
1. Strict management control system. 2. DCS control in production process. 3. Check analysis and control in production process. 4. Finished product analysis. 5. Periodical survey on raw material inventory.
3. Environmental protection:
With the strengthening of environmental awareness, our company is also vigorously developing environmentally friendly products such as low odor polyether and easily degradable products.
4. Device serialization:
Main production equipment:1)Production line of polyether polyols:1m3、8m3(two sets),10m3,13m3(two sets),40 m3(four sets); 2) Production line of surfactants:16 m3(two sets);3)Production line of polymer polyols: two sets of 2t/h production lines;4)Production line of integral polyurethane materials:1m3、5m3、10m3、33m3;5)Production line of ...
5. Technology-production integration:
The technology department mainly engages in the development of various types of new products. The laboratory is equipped with three sets of 2L polymerization reactor and other experimental equipment for facilitating the transfer of technologies to production. Analysis room is equipped with LPC, GPC, metal ion analyzer, viscometer, PH meter, and full set of foam test ...
6. Sales guidance servitization:
The company has excellent sales team. It adheres to tenet of "customer satisfaction" and it pays close attention to customer feedback for continuous improvement. We can assure the clients of excellent product qualities, sound logistics systems and timely delivery of products.


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